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Upstream usage has increased dramatically since installing Sharedband
The Sharedband routers are unable to resolve fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) to internal LAN hosts using 'NAT-Loopback'. With Sharedband the NAT is operated at the Aggregation server (so that the traffic can be split across multiple lines). Therefore rather than staying on your local network, all traffic directed to your website will first exit your premises to Sharedband's datacentre before returning again. This can dramatically increase upstream usage and often creates sufficient congestion to affect other internet based services.
To resolve this you will need to apply a form of DNS redirect internally in order that when resolving the DNS names used for the web-server you are directed through your LAN.
A common way to achieve this redirect is to create a zone named '..' on your Local DNS server and then have the A record point to the internal webserver's private IP address.