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Using your BT Business Hub as a wireless access point
Many people prefer to use their existing business hub for wireless to avoid having to reconnect all the devices to a new access point. Before you can use your business hub with Sharedband there are a few steps you need to complete.

Step 1
Connect your PC to the Business Hub.

Step 2
Using a web browser (such as Internet Explorer) log in to your router. If you haven’t changed it, you can reach it by going to

Step 3
In the menu across the top, click on “Settings”.

Step 4
Then click on “LAN” and then “Private Network”.

Step 5
Untick “DHCP Server Enabled“.

Step 6
Because Sharedband by default uses IP addresses in the range: 192.168.3.x, you will need to change the address of your business hub to avoid losing contact with it.
In the top field change the IP address to one not in use, for example

If you are unsure what IP address you need to use, please raise a support ticket

Step 7
Click “Save“ at the bottom of the page (not pictured).

You are now ready to connect your access point to Sharedband.
Using a network cable plug one end into the Business Hub and the other end into any of the Sharedband modems or if you are using a switch, plug into that.


If you have any problems, please raise a ticket.