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Using your router as a wireless access point

You can use a non-Sharedband router as a wireless access point and connect it to Sharedband. This article will describe the general steps that you will be required to complete.

Step 1
Using a web browser (such as Internet Explorer), login to the web configuration interface of your non-Sharedband router. You can connect to it by browsing its present IP address

Step 2
In the menu system, please locate “DHCP Server Settings

Step 3
Disable the DHCP Server feature

Step 4
Sharedband normally uses the IP address so change the IP address of your non-Sharedband router to avoid a conflict.

Locate the LAN IP Settings. Change your LAN IP address to (this example will be subject to your internal network configuration)

If you are unsure what IP address you need to use, please raise a support ticket

Ensure that each of these two changes are saved (not pictured).


You are now ready to connect your non-Sharedband Wireless router to Sharedband. Using a network cable, plug one end into your non-Sharedband router and the other end into any of the Sharedband routers or if you are using a switch, please plug straight into that instead.


If you have any problems, please  raise a technical support ticket.