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Revert Linksys WRT54GL to Stock Firmware
Here is a guide on how to convert your Sharedband Linksys WRT54GL to Stock Firmware when you upgrade your service and no longer require this router for Sharedband Purposes.

Firstly, download the latest Firmware from the Linksys website:
and place in c:\temp

Now you will need to set your IP Address Manually to be able to contact the Linksys Router, to do this on Windows hold down the windows key on the keyboard and press 'R'

Type 'control ncpa.cpl' and then click 'OK'

This will display a box with network connection in, right-click the one connected to the Linksys and click 'Properties' then select 'TCP/IP' and click 'Properties'

Now a screen should appear asking for IP Details, by default this is set to 'Obtain an IP address automatically', if not make sure you note down your settings before changing anything.

Enter the IP Address '' and subnet mask ''
Click, OK on both Boxes, this will now set your network card to be able to flash the firmware.

Very soon you will be instructed within this article to run a TFTP client command. In order allow this on Microsoft Windows based computers, please ensure this Windows feature is enabled now. It can be enabled within the 'Programs and Features' list within 'Control Panel'

We now need to open a command prompt, to do this on Windows hold down the windows key on the keyboard and press 'R'

Now type 'cmd' and click 'OK'

This willl bring up a black box, type 'cd\temp'
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\username>cd\temp


You are now in the right place to begin the process, the command you require is
'tftp -i PUT Firmware_Filename.bin' where Firmware_Filename.bin is the filename of the Current Linksys Firmware.

Get the command typed into the command window, but don't press enter straight away. Power off the Linksys and power on again, lights 1-4 will go on, then off, the port you are plugged into will then light up, as soon as this happens, press enter, the light should now blink quickly - this may take a couple of attempts, the window will display a completion message similar to the following:
C:\Temp>tftp -i PUT WRT54GL_v4.30.11_012_ETSI_EN_code.bin
Transfer successful: 2937856 bytes in 8 seconds, 367232 bytes/s


The power light will continue to blink for ~40 seconds, once it has gone Solid, this Cisco Logo should be Orange and the WLAN Light should also be illuminated. The unit is now back to stock firmware on the default IP with the default username/password: admin/admin.

You will now need to change your network settings back and then the process is complete.