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Setting up Sharedband Netgear DG834v4 or Power Router Pro for BE/O2 Broadband

When using BE or O2 Broadband lines Sharedband Routers need to be setup differently than instructed in the Quick Install Guide. The following instructions can be used alongside the Quick Install Guide to get the Routers connected.

First log into the Router with the details provided within the Quick Install Guide. Depending on the Router you will need to navigate to either one of the following pages before moving to the next step:

Netgear DG834 - “Basic Settings”

Power Router Pro - “WAN Connection Settings (ADSL 0)”


On the Netgear DG834:

“Basic Setting Page” set the following:

Does Your Internet Connection Require A Login? - NO

Account name: LEAVE BLANK

Domain name: LEAVE BLANK

Internet IP Address: Get Dynamically From ISP

Domain Name Server (DNS) Address: Get Automatically From ISP

 NAT (Network Address Translation): Enable

Click “Apply”


Navigate to “ADSL Settings” and set the following:

Multiplexing Method = LLC BASED

 VPI = 0

 VCI = 101

 DSL Mode = Auto


On the Power Router Pro:

“WAN Connection Settings (ADSL 0)”


VPI = 0

VCI = 101

Encapsulation mode  = LLC


IP Addressing

IP Addressing Mode = DYNAMIC IP



Leave IP Address fields blank.

Click “Save and Reboot”

This can be repeated if necessary on WAN Connection Settings (ADSL 1).


Once the settings have been saved on the Router try browsing to a web page to ensure connection have been established before introducing the Routers to your local network.  

If you have any questions or issues with this setup please raise a ticket at