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What if I wish to move premises?

1.      Can I take Sharedband with me if I move to new premises?

Yes you can. The Sharedband system is not tied to the ISP/telephone service that it connects to

2.      Will I be able to keep my external IP address?

Yes you will.

3.      What do I need to do to make it all work at the new premises?

It could be a simple as:
a) Adjust the ISP provided usernames and passwords to match the new connections
b) Contact the Sharedband sales team to update your contact and billing address

**NB** When the routers are reconnected at the new location, there could be up to a 4 hour delay when they will still be calibrated for line conditions at the previous premises. On expiry of this period, an automated speed-test will run on each router. This will calibrate it to the new line, after which performance should be optimal.

4.      Is there anything I need to take into consideration?

You may wish to take into consideration current connection capacity versus the available connection capacity at the new premises. If the connection capacity at the new premises is lower (further from the nearest exchange or using inferior connection types) you may need to order additional connections and Sharedband routers to maintain you present bandwidth

If you are situated in the USA, at the time of notifiying the Sharedband sales team, you should also request an assessment of the aggregator hosting your service. It may be beneficial to move your service to a different aggregator. If your service is moved, you will be issued with a different IP address(es).

5.      What if I can receive fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband at the new premises?

If you will be utilizing FTTC you will need to consider whether the Sharedband routers that you presently have are still suitable. Some of our routers are designed only for ADSL services. Our sales department can advise you on this if required.