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Set your 3rd party/ISP routers with DMZ Mode connectivity to your Sharedband Routers

Sometimes security measures on a 3rd party/ISP router can interfere with Sharedband. Also to enable the support team to further diagnose issues, it is a good idea to set each of your 3rd party/ISP routers to use DMZ mode.

Step 1

Physically connect your computer to the Sharedband router connected to the 3rd party/ISP router. Login to the web configuration interface of this router (by default this is 192.168.3.x (where x is the router number) so for router 1 it would be When prompted, the username is always admin and the case-sensitive password is by default either admin or Bonding123. Finally, please then click 'Status'


Please make a note of both the displayed WAN IP Address ( in the example above) and WAN MAC Address.

Step 2

Detach your computer from the Sharedband router and attach it directly into the 3rd party/ISP router. Ensure your computer is obtaining its IP address using DHCP. Navigate to the web interface of the 3rd party/ISP router. Now please locate a setting that refers to enabling a 'DMZ' or 'DMZplus'. This setting is often located within 'Firewall' settings though if you have trouble locating it, we would suggest you refer to the device's user manual (or to the manufacturer's support).

As appropriate, nominate either the IP or MAC address from Step 1 in the value required to route all unhindered traffic to. Once saved, detach your computer from the 3rd party/ISP router and then restart both this device and then the attached Sharedband router.

Step 3

Reconnect your computer to the Sharedband router and log on to our online NOC customer portal (the URL and logon user name/password are included on your welcome letter). Select ‘Status’ from the top menu then select ‘Status’ from the left-hand submenu. Click on the ‘Details’ icon next to the relevant router and copy the IP address listed next to 'Internet Connection IP'. Open a new tab in your internet browser, paste the copied IP address into the URL field and press enter.

If you are taken to the Sharedband router login page, this means that you have successfully changed your 3rd party/ISP router into DMZ[plus] mode and nothing further is required. If any other screen is displayed, this indicates that implementing DMZ[plus] mode was unsuccessful and we would recommend that you seek assistance from the 3rd party/ISP router manufacturer's support.