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Aggregation server not responding appears on the 'Sharedband Status' screen within router's web interface
Aggregation server not responding may appear on the 'Sharedband Status' screen within the router's web interface. There are a few potential causes of this message:

Cause 1
The 'Sharedband Configuration' screen within the router's web interface has an invalid value or may have some leading/trailing whitespace. Please remove and reinput the configuration, click save and then reboot the router when prompted

Cause 2 (only applicable to Netgear routers)
During a new deployment it is possible that you did not revisit the 'Sharedband Configuration' screen on the Netgear's web interfaces a second time after entering the ADSL credentials into the 'Basic Settings' screen. This step is required and after confirming the 'Sharedband Configuration' details you do need to click save and then reboot the routers when prompted.

Cause 3
Your ISP may be blocking ports used by Sharedband. Please contact their technical department and check/request that they do not block the following:
UDP Port  = 4444
UDP Ports = 4000-4500
TCP Ports = 4419