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Lost Sharedband Router Password

If you need to make a configuration change but have lost your Sharedband router login password, please ensure that all of your routers are online and connected to each other.

Log into your Sharedband portal with your Sharedband username and password (found on your welcome letter),

UK Customers


US Customers

On the left hand side you will see the Change Password option.

Input your current Sharedband password in the "Old Password" box and then choose a new password. Please input the new password into the "New Password" box and then confirm the same in the "New password (retype)" box.

This password must meet complexity requirements (minimum of 8 characters including upper case letters, lower case letters and numerical digits and cannot include your username)

Once you have submitted the password change, your routers will re-boot automatically. Once re-booted you will be able to log into the routers using your new Sharedband password as the router web interface password. The case sensitive username is unchangeable and will always be: admin